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Electrical Systems

  • Cotronics Corp

    High Temperature Materials and Adhesives
    907GF Adhesive and Sealant Successfully Seals Exhaust Ducts Against Corrosive Chemicals and High Hea: Just apply and let dry. 907GF cures in 4 - 12 hours to form a hard ceramic with excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, electricity, oxidizing and reducing atmospheres. Applications include: bonding metals, glass, ceramics, ceramic tapes; sealing exhaust systems, stacks, pipes; repairs...
  • Johnson Controls, Inc.

    Johnson Controls is a world-class systems integrator. Our highly skilled team understands your need to reduce risk, comply with regulatory policies and safeguard your most critical assets. And our ability to install, integrate and service advanced business security camera systems will help you...
  • Allied Engineering

  • Dane Engineering Inc

  • Independence Electric Co

    LED lighting supplier specializing in marine and off-grid applications
  • Greaves Corp.

    Full line of electrical connectors for the distribtor/contractor. Greaves specializes in adapters (PT-FX Shoo-Pin, PT-R ReduceR), compression connectors, grounding clamps, USA insulated connectors, and custom products for specific applications.
  • Trola Industries

    “Design/Build” automation and control solution services for end-users, OEMs, engineering firms, contractors and utilities. Experience in both processing and packaging. Provide “open control” systems that use readily available industrial components and software. Our designs and control panels,...
  • AVCS - American Ventilation Control Systems

    American Ventilation Control Systems (AVCS) offers COSTAR® 24VC-e Carbon Monoxide (CO) ventilation control solution that monitors unsafe levels of CO in your parking garage to protect the health and well being of your building’s occupants.
  • Aircuity Inc.

    Aircuity’s airside efficiency solution creates measurably better environments for customers. The company’s smart automated airside solutions optimize air change rates based on comprehensive indoor environmental data. As a result, commercial, institutional and lab building owners can lower...
  • Thomas Research Products

    . TRP provides complete component solutions for OEMs using LEDs for lighting: LED Drivers, Light Engines, Surge Protectors, Wireless Lighting Controls. Our Norlux brand custom services include design and manufacturing for Light Engines and Fixtures. High quality, long life, high...