Energy Management/ Optimization (128 companies found)

Energy optimization is crucial to the many facilities and industries -- pharmaceutical manufacturing, machining, power generation and wastewater treatment, among others -- that utilize mechanical, electrical or hydraulic power. The companies in this category manufacture, install and integrate a diverse array of energy conservation and management products and solutions for industrial facilities. These products and systems include: valves, metering products, programmable digital timers and controllers, facility-wide networked climate controls, ventilation control systems, data loggers, as well as a host of EPA/OSHA approved green products. Click the company links below to explore these companies’ energy management products and systems, learn more about the potential reductions in expense and emissions via these energy efficient products and systems, and locate phone or email contact information for more specific answers about how they can optimize your facility’s energy management.

  • Johnson Controls, Inc.

    Johnson Controls is a world-class systems integrator. Our highly skilled team understands your need to reduce risk, comply with regulatory policies and safeguard your most critical assets. And our ability to install, integrate and service advanced business security camera systems will help you...
  • Stonewater Control Systems, Inc.

  • Aggios, Inc.

  • BioChem Technology Inc.

  • Enlighted, Inc.

  • Tripp Lite

  • Kraft Power Corporation

    Kraft Power Corporation is your power solution provider for generators and generator power systems, power transmission products, diesel and gas engines, as well as parts and accessories. We focus on the distribution, maintenance and renting of a wide range of high quality power products for...
  • Cognascents Consulting Group, Inc.


    Ecogate is the most advanced industrial ventilation control system in the world. Our patented system typically achieves energy savings of over 60% compared to typical systems. We have been in continuous operation since 1997, and have over 1,000 installations in the woodworking, printing, food...
  • CentraLite Systems Inc

    CentraLite® Systems Inc., based in Mobile, has been designing and manufacturing home lighting control systems since 1997. CentraLite systems let homeowners enjoy high quality dimming and automated scene control on a reasonable budget. Award winning products include: Elegance™, a top-of-the-line,...