Anti-Slip Flooring (39 companies found)

The companies highlighted in this directory design, sell, install and maintain industrial grade anti-slip flooring and anti-slip flooring accessories. Some of the anti-slip flooring technologies offered by these companies include: non-skid floor coating, rubber matting, chemical treatments of floor surfaces, polyurethane floor coverings and floor mats, and anti-slip paint finishes – eco-friendly and fire retardant anti-slip flooring is offered by some of these companies. The safety of your workplace and workforce is important regardless of industry; chemical, oil and gas, food processing, power generation, and metalworking facilities all require anti-slip products and technologies to stay OSHA compliant and protect the safety of workers in day-to-day plant operation. Browse the links below to view companies’ various anti-slip flooring products and to locate contact phone and email contact information in order to discuss the particular anti-slip solution your facility requires.

  • No Skidding Products Inc

    No Skidding Products, Inc. is your one stop supplier for anti slip products including the most complete range of easy to apply anti slip treatments, coatings, tapes, FRP step covers and panels available in Canada. Our products are designed to help protect workers, customers, and pedestrians from...
  • Atlantic Footcare

    Polyurethane plastic manufacturing company specializing in Medical, Sports and Industrial insoles. All Prothotics insoles are made in the USA.
  • SPC Industrial

    When you're ready to step up to the toughest, largest plastic shelving in the industry, it's time to go with DuraShelf® all-plastic industrial-grade shelving systems. Add-A-Level ergonomic work platforms. Raise workers to their correct ergo-zone by stacking levels. The modular design allows for...
  • American Stair Treads

    American Stair Treads has the most comprehensive selection of high quality stair treads such as: rubber treads, vinyl treads, metal treads, stair tread risers and more. We specializd in both commercial stair treads as well as residential stair treads including carpet stair treads and waterhog...
  • Comoldco Corporation

    Comoldco Corporation manufactures composite Anti-Slip Steps, Anti-Slip Stair Treads and Anti-Slip Step Covers under the proprietary brand name `ComposiGrip`. These products provide superior Slip and Fall Protection for Residential, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial applications. With...
  • SR Max

    Since 2007 our story has been all about providing exceptional customer service, the best slip resistant shoes to our customers and being with you every step of the way. We are proud to carry over 150 styles of slip resistant shoes in a wide variety of brands. All of our shoes are independently...
  • ergo advantage

    Ergo Advantage

    Manufacturer of Non-Slip Footwear
  • Safeguard Technology Inc.

    Safeguard® Hi-Traction® & HiGlo-Traction® Antislip Covers are designed to eliminate costly and preventable slips and falls on ramps, lifts and walkways. A long term alternative to temporary tapes & coatings these prefabricated retrofit covers are impact resistant to ensure a long service life...
  • Implus Corp / ICEtrekkers