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This category includes companies that design, manufacture, distribute and maintain ventilation equipment, components and systems for industries such as: automotive, food and beverage processing, woodworking, wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical manufacturing and power generation. Efficient ventilation is a requirement to ensure OSHA compliance and maintain employee safety. These companies offer a multitude of turnkey or custom ventilation equipment and systems including: dehumidifiers, exhaust fans, smoke and toxic fume extractors, roof and wall ventilators, dampers and blower systems as well as their components. Many of the companies offer intelligent or automated ventilation systems, as well as products that meet the newest EPA/OSHA regulations. Click one of the links below to view that company’s various ventilation products and systems, to search its website for more technical information regarding their ventilation equipment, and to locate contact phone and email contact information in order to discuss your industry’s particular ventilation challenges and potential solutions.

  • Grainger

    Abrasive Products and Accessories
    Door Louvers: DAYTON® Door Louvers allow air movement through doors while maintaining privacy and security. Retrofit or use as original equipment in wood or metal doors. Rugged construction with inverted V-style blades at a 45° angle. Available in Extruded Aluminum with a clear anodized finish or Painted...
  • Energy Saving Products Inc

    MacroAir HVLS Fans: MacroAir fans is the industry innovator and pioneer of HLVS fans. Featuring fans as large as 24' in diameter. These fans provide cooling comfort and winter destratification using minimal HP. Saves energy and improves worker comfort! Easy to install. Stand alone, or fully integrated into building...
  • Quietaire Corp

  • Duo-aire

    Duo-Aire has been manufacturing kitchen ventilation products for the HVAC and food service markets for almost forty years, with primary emphasis in the HVAC market. Duo-Aire was the first to introduce make-up air into the hood via a controlled air curtain approach, which controlled not only the...
  • Cambridge Engineering Inc

    ESC-Series Evaporative Cooling: The ESC-Series evaporative cooling unit is a semi-custom fabricated air handler that can utilize indirect (IEC) or direct (DEC) evaporative cooling or a combination of both indirect/direct (IDEC) evaporative cooling to meet specific usage and dimensional requirements. The ESC-Series unit come...
  • Johnson Bros. Roll Forming Co.

    Johnson Bros. manufactures roll formed metal components including: U-channels; C-channels; hat channels; angles; strut channels; box channels; zees; purlins; wireways; busbars; cable trays; busduct; frames; framing; holders; profiles; mouldings; shapes; trim; edgings; panels; tracks; slides;...
  • Palmgren

  • Moffitt Corporation Inc

  • United Blower, Inc.

    United Blower, Inc. delivers first class water & wastewater blower solutions & blower sytems for municipal & industrial markets. UBI has over 30 years of experience with over 8,000 blower systems in operation. We welcome the opportunity to lend our experience, knowledge, and craftsmanship to...
  • Hartzell Air Movement

    We proactively leverage our creative design and savvy application expertise to provide products that combat your most pressing operational ventilation challenges.