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Companies in this category create, conduct, offer and distribute training and development products and services across a broad spectrum of industries. Regardless of industry, the demand for a skilled, efficient and educated workforce has never been stronger. These companies offer a diverse array of training and development products and services including: classroom trainings; hands-on equipment trainings; industry expert consultations; immersive virtual 3-D training; webinars; and monitoring and testing software that documents, measures and reports employee training progress. Training and development topics offered by these companies are tailored to a particular industry; however, the nearly all of these listed companies target employee competency, achieving regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and employee efficiency. Industries including power generation, digital engineering, water treatment, pharmaceutical manufacturing and others commonly utilize these companies’ training and development products and services. Browse the links below to view the training and development products and services offered by these companies, to explore the competencies each company targets, and to find contact phone and email contact information.

  • CTRL Systems Inc

    Ultrasound Leak Detection & Predictive Maintenance
    On-Site Ultrasound Training: Product - 1-1/2 Days On-Site Ultrasound Training CTRL will spend 1 1/2 days on-site to provide a comprehensive training program that includes extensive classroom training as well as hands-on equipment training. This program was designed to bring the classroom to you while providing input and...
  • Torch LMS™

    Best-in-Class Business Learning & Development Technology
    Rating: 5 - 2 reviews
    Torch LMS: Our founder and lead product manager worked in the manufacturing industry and designed Torch LMS to serve this space. Torch LMS is easy and intuitive for both office employees and field employees and is accessible from mobile devices. Supervisors and instructors can easily give credit to...
  • LBA University

    Rating: 5 - 1 review
    Personal RF Safety Monitor: LBA's FieldSense 2.0™ personal RF safety monitors are an effective and economical means to monitor the strength of electromagnetic (RF) fields from wireless cell phone towers, microwave ovens, television stations, and other common workplace RF sources between 50 and 6000 MHz, E-field and H-field...
  • ProAct Safety Inc

    In 1993, ProAct Safety® was created with the sole purpose of helping organizations achieve and sustain safety excellence. This focus has led the firm to become recognized as the world's most successful provider of Safety Excellence Strategies. As advisors to those who desire to be among the best...
  • HR Learning Center LLC.

    HR Learning Center LLC, a full-service human resource consulting firm, specializes in workplace employment law and providing on-site and on-line interactive, engaging and informative sexual harassment training. We provide employers with HR Training on the nuts and bolts of federal and state...
  • Shupper-Brickle Equipment Co.- Bridge Cranes & Hoists

    Fall Arrest Competent Person Training: Shupper-Brickle offers special training for personnel tasked with oversite of fall protection systems and identifying potential fall hazards. OSHA defines a “Competent Person” as “one who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions which...
  • Duggan Assoc.

  • American Technical Publishers


    Partner with a staffing agency with 28 years of experience in IT, creative design, finance, engineering and professional industries. TECHEAD stands ready to partner with you to match talented professionals with your short and long-term workforce needs.
  • Robmatter, Inc.